Inspiring Magnetic Wooden Needle Minders

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With this unique and handy tool, you'll never lose your sewing needle in the couch or your bed again! Stick this handy tool to your stitching hoop and it will hold your needle for you.

Don't stitch but like the message? Use this bad boy on your filing cabinet or fridge!

Choose from the following engraved wooden needle minders that measure approx 1" each:

* 1.5" Large distressed teal, or small distressed teal, or distressed light green embroidery hoop with "I probably won't finish thi"
* Neon pink, bright light green or grey "I just want to social distance & stitch" 
* Distressed cornflower blue or rose "Netflix & Stitch" 
* Turquoise floral engraved circle
* Rust or distressed light purple "Stitchin & Bitchin"
*Distressed purple "Keep This Shit Up" or distressed rose "Binge watch & Bullion Knots"


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